ORONAMIN C DRINK contains the amount of vitamin C that you need each day as well as vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and honey.

Oronamin C was launched in Japan in 1965 and has been spreading in more than 10 countries and regions to provide you with the nutrition you need.

1965 Japan
1985 UAE, Oman , Bahrain
2003 Qatar
2004 Kuwait
2024 Egypt

What country is ORONAMIN C DRINK made in?

It is made in Japan.

What countries is ORONAMIN C DRINK sold in market?

It was launched in Japan in 1965. It’s sold in many other countries 5 of them are in the GCC from 1985.
You’ll find it in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Korea, Indonesia, China, and of course Japan & Egypt

It is an Energy Drink?

No. It is a nutritional drink with vitamins and honey.

It is a health drink, containing electrolytes that resembles the natural fluid balance of the human body. Learn more about the features and background.
Do you know how much water our bodies contain?

Water accounts for about 60% of our body weight.

If you weight 60 kg, your body will contain a whopping 36 kg of water.

It’s fair to say that “the human body is made of water.” The liquid in the body is called “bodily fluid.” About 4.6 billion years ago, the first life forms on Earth were born in the sea.

Over time, life evolved from sea to land, eventually resulting in the rise of human beings. This is the reason why the composition of our bodily fluid is similar to that of seawater containing ions (electrolytes). We could say that our body has its own “inland sea.”

Why are you sweating?

People lose fluid from their body in all kinds of everyday activities.

We sweat not only when we play sports, but also when we take a hot bath, while we sleep, and while we travel to work or school, and even as we just sit in our office or school. Sweating plays an important role in all these situations, by keeping our temperature constant. When our body temperature rises, sweat is generated to cool the body. Cooling occurs because heat is absorbed from the surface of the body when the sweat evaporates. This cooling effect is similar to sprinkling water on a hot road in summer.

Thanks to our sweat, which keeps our body temperature constant in this way, our bodies are able to function normally and remain healthy.

What is the fluid in the body made of?

In addition to freshwater, the fluids (liquids) in our bodies contain sodium and various other ions. This is why sweat is salty. Therefore, when the body sweats a lot, it loses sodium as well as water, disrupting the balance of ions in the body and making it impossible to live a healthy life.

POCARI SWEAT is a beverage that has an ion balance very close to that of bodily fluids. It allows you to smoothly replenish your body with the water, sodium, and other ions (electrolytes) you lose by sweating.